Car trading saves time and avoids mistakes

Premium admissions rely on networking

Approval tool now also linked to Catch and Toca from Prof4Net

Cologne. The PremiumZulasser eG (PZeG) is consistently continuing its networking strategy. In the meantime, the vehicle registration software of the Cologne cooperative is linked to ten leading IT systems in the automotive trade such as EasyCarSale, GeNeSys, web-Dispo and Yoma via appropriate interfaces. Catch and Toca from Prof4Net have recently been added. The German Toyota dealers work with Toca.

“We expect the networking to streamline our workflows because the manual transfer of customer and vehicle data from one system to another is no longer necessary,” says Stefan Karst, Managing Director of the car dealership of the same name. The Cologne Toyota dealer sees another advantage in avoiding transmission errors. His sales people had previously worked with both systems in parallel.

Björn Keding, Managing Director of Prof4Net GmbH in Potsdam, also sees a growing need in car dealerships for merging data from different sources with the aim of avoiding duplicates. The maintenance of separate data records is clearly a phase-out model. “The systems in the dealership are networked through a large number of existing interfaces in such a way that all important information about customers and vehicles is bundled centrally,” says Keding.

“Thanks to our networking strategy, we are seeing a significant increase in demand for our software in retail,” emphasizes PZeG CEO Florian Cichon. No other system has as many relevant interfaces as The list of other links is long. “By implementing them, we are responding to our customers’ desire to make work processes more efficient and as error-free as possible,” says Cichon.

According to the PZeG boss, the existing link to x-Kfz. The interface of the Federal Motor Transport Authority is the gateway to i-kfz. From September 1, major customers with the appropriate software should also be able to register customer vehicles via the online portal of the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport. So far, the tool can only be used for private deregistrations and transfers of ownership.

According to Cichon, access to i-Kfz via the registration software saves retailers and authorities a lot of time and high investments. A direct connection of the in-house IT world to x-Kfz via a corresponding interface quickly costs up to a quarter of a million euros due to the complexity of the system. This means that small car dealerships and registration service providers in particular are quickly overwhelmed financially.