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Premium admissions linked to CATCH and TOCA from Prof4Net

As part of its networking strategy, Premiumzulasser eG. networked their approval software with the Prof4Net tools CATCH and TOCA. The German Toyota dealers work with TOCA.

Premium licensees have a successful start to the new year

More and more users are working with the registration software of the premium registration company. The tool also offers the automotive trade secure and inexpensive access to x-Kfz.

i-Kfz complex and expensive

On September 1st, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) intends to launch the fourth stage of the digital approval tool i-Kfz. Then large customers such as manufacturers, importers, dealers or online marketers should also be able to use the portal to register customer vehicles, re-register them or put them out of service.

Premium registrations expect a hot end-of-year spurt

The PremiumZulasser eG and its 55 member companies across Germany are expecting a significant increase in the number of new registrations of battery-powered cars and plug-in hybrids in the remaining weeks of the current year.

New in the car trade: digital handover protocols

For the first time, vehicle handover protocols can be displayed online via tablet or smartphone. “This is another important step on the way to digitizing the car trade,” says Heinz Sobieralski from the Speed ​​Admissions Service.

One click to the GHG quota

Many e-car owners still give away a few hundred euros a year. After all, not everyone is familiar with the so-called GHG quota. Car dealers can now apply for the bonus for their customers with one click – provided they work with the widely used online registration tool from PremiumZulasser eG.

Premium admission continues to grow

The Premiumzulasser eG strengthens its nationwide presence. Just two years after entering the market, 40 local and regional registration service providers have joined together to form a nationwide association under the umbrella of the Cologne cooperative.

Digitization in the area of ​​approval is progressing

On the way to becoming the “first digital car dealership in Europe”, the Berlin car dealership group Gerhard König GmbH is strengthening its cooperation with the Leipzig registration service provider Speed ​​GmbH.