Our software

With our software premium-zulasser.online we have taken a stand-alone position in the market. The special feature:

  • premium-zulasser.online is connected to the major customer interface (GKS) of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The software thus offers our members and customers secure, fast and inexpensive access to i-Kfz, the digital portal of the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport. All new registrations, transfers of ownership and decommissioning of motor vehicles will soon be processed via this.
  • Our system is also networked via appropriate interfaces with common IT tools in the motor vehicle trade and other market participants. These include GeNesys, easy-car-sales, Catch, Toca and BWSolution.
  • With our tool, approval processes can not only be processed fully electronically, but also all work steps can be tracked in detail with just a few clicks and data for new business activities can be called up digitally.
  • So far we have invested around 1.5 million euros in the basic and further development of our software, which is used by our members and over 5,000 car dealerships. And the trend is rising.


Islands were yesterday. The networking of our software premium-zulasser.online with common management systems of the motor vehicle trade and other market participants – such as GeNesys, easy-car-sales, Catch, Toca and BWSolution – as well as with the major customer interface (GKS) of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) is a central strategic approach for the further digitization of registration processes both in stationary and virtual trade as well as in the vehicle registration offices of municipalities and districts.

Isolated solutions, i.e. the manual transfer of data on the computer from one system to another, take a lot of time and harbor the risk of errors when processing at least 20 items per process. By meaningfully linking different systems, we achieve holistic solutions that measurably relieve trade and authorities. Of course, we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


    Our premium-zulasser.online program combines the needs of everyone who manages the vehicle registration process in a simple and user-friendly manner.

    These include:

    • car dealerships
    • online providers
    • fleet operators
    • embossing companies
    • public authorities
    • parcel service providers
    • members

    In detail our program offers:

    Do you want to optimize your business processes or offer your customers new services?

    With premium-zulasser.online important data for the further development of your business can be generated. This is how you secure the future of your company.

    The link with the major customer interface (GKS) of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) plays a special role in our networking strategy because the GKS is the gateway to i-Kfz. From September 1, 2023, major customers such as manufacturers, importers, dealers, online providers, fleet operators and registration service providers can also register customer vehicles via the digital portal of the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport “as an innovator of German e-government”. Previously, the tool could only be used for deregistrations, transfers of ownership and registrations for private individuals.

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    Grundsätzlich haben User künftig drei Möglichkeiten, i-Kfz zu nutzen:

    1. You enter the relevant vehicle and owner data manually into the decentralized i-car portals of the registration authorities. This is time-consuming and involves the risk of transmission errors. Private customers only have this option.
    2. They apply to the Federal Motor Transport Authority to register as a major customer and network their software with the IT infrastructure of i-Kfz in order to automatically transfer the data from one system to the other as far as possible. This requires a lot of programming effort in advance, is correspondingly expensive and associated with high legal hurdles.
    3. Sie nutzen Zulassungsdienstleister wie die PremiumZulasser-Community und deren Software, die bereits über die Großkundenschnittstelle mit i-Kfz verbunden ist. Das spart Zeit und Kosten.