Local expertise and nationwide presence are our particular strengths. This allows us to achieve the highest level of agility and flexibility. Our service portfolio ranges from classic new registrations to vehicle transfers and applications for the GHG quota to document management. Of course, our exclusive registration software is i-vehicle compatible. Here you can find out more about the service from Premiumzulasser.


  • Customs cover cards
    Confirmation of insurance for the export of a vehicle
  • Customs receipt
    Proof of delivery to a recipient in another member state


  • Deregistration / decommissioning
    Deregistration terminates the registration of the vehicle
  • Change of owner data
    Changes to your data as vehicle owner, e.g. change of name or change of address in the event of a move
  • Delivery
    autom. letter to customer with pre-filled documents /authorisation/sepa with autom. delivery scheduling
  • Application for special permits
    Exemption permit on application according to § 70 StVZO
  • COC creation
    A second issue if the COC papers have been lost
  • Document scan
    Scan of ZB1/ZB2 and CoC and, if necessary, direct forwarding to the digital dealer archive
  • Euro license plates
    Stamping of Euro license plates or EU licence plates
  • Vehicle transfer
    Nationwide vehicle transfer, usually on own axle
  • Fine dust sticker
    Issue of fine dust sticker
  • Reservation of license plates for owner/vehicle
    Via direct links to registration offices
  • Transfer of license plate
    Transfer of allocated license plate in the event of a change of vehicle
  • Short-term cover card
    Insurance confirmation for the transfer of a vehicle
  • Short-term license plate
    license plate for transfer and test drives
  • Parking space sign
    Parking space signs for marking parking spaces
  • Repair license plate
    Vehicle registration license plate damaged (e.g. due to an accident), this can be exchanged for a new one
  • Red vehicle registration book
    Vehicle registration book for vehicles with red number license plates
  • Shuttle trip / courier trip
  • Technical registration
    Registration of technical modifications to the vehicle at the registration authorities
  • THG application:
    Handover report
  • Handover report
    automatic filled-in handover report including photos of the vehicle and automatic dispatch to the banks, etc.
  • Re-registration without change of owner
    Re-registration upon request/loss or theft


  • Recycling proof / scrapping
    Proof of proper disposal of the vehicle
  • Movement certificate EUR 1
    For the movement of goods with countries with which the EU has concluded free trade, preferential or cooperation agreements, as well as with countries and territories associated with the EU.


  • Registration of a used vehicle
    Change of vehicle owner in case of a used vehicle
  • Short-term registration
    Test and transfer drives in Germany with an unregistered vehicle
  • Registration of new vehicle
    For vehicles that have never been registered in Germany or abroad
  • Registration Austria / France / Luxembourg
    Registration in the above countries
  • Customs registration
    For vehicles that are transferred to other EU countries and are deleted from the German vehicle register

Registration certificates

  • Loss of ZB II – Vehicle title document
    In the event of loss of the title certificate Part II (vehicle title document)
  • Loss of ZB I – Vehicle registration document
    In case of loss of registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document)
  • ZB II Printing (for manufacturers/importers)
    For vehicles for which a registration certificate Part II (vehicle title document) has not yet been issued
  • ZB II Preparation (for import vehicles new & used)
    For vehicles which only have foreign vehicle documents