New in the car trade: digital handover protocols

Leipzig. A novelty in the automotive trade: For the first time, vehicle handover protocols can be displayed online via tablet or smartphone. “This is another important step on the way to the digitalization of the car trade,” says Heinz Sobieralski from Speed ​​Registration Service. The new tool that the Leipzig company has developed uses data from the logistics software cargo and the approval tool

Speed ​​is a member of PremiumZulasser eG. Under the umbrella of the Cologne Cooperative, over 50 local and regional approval service providers have joined forces to form a nationwide association. According to its own information, the PremiumZulasser community is the number one registration service provider on the German market and the driver of the digitalization of the registration system.

The new handover software eliminates the need for manual processing of the protocols, which include over 50 positions and six predefined photos. This means that car dealerships, online providers, leasing companies and other market participants not only save a lot of time, but also avoid transmission errors. Speed ​​is using the new software, among others, at the Berlin car dealership group Gerhard König, which has set itself the goal of becoming the “first digital car dealership in Europe”. At König, the Leipzig-based company manages the registration processes for the Stellantis brands right up to the handover of the vehicles to the customers.