One click to the GHG quota

Cologne/Gruenwald. Many e-car owners still give away a few hundred euros a year. After all, not everyone is familiar with the so-called GHG quota. Car dealers can now apply for the bonus for their customers with one click – provided they work with the widely used online registration tool from PremiumZulasser eG.

A cooperation between the Cologne cooperative and Ecoturn GmbH in Grünwald, Bavaria, enables the quick and easy route to the GHG quota. Ecoturn operates one of the best-known and largest platforms for GHG quota processing under the name Elektro

“Until now, applying for the GHG quota for customer vehicles was relatively time-consuming,” says Ecoturn Managing Director Marc Schubert. “Now the processes can be fully automated. No annoying scanning of the vehicle registration, no uploading and above all no system disruption. A true game changer for the automotive industry.” If the trade doesn’t need one, then it is another program that the employees have to deal with. Time is an absolute scarce commodity in a car dealership.

Via, the car dealership can track the processing status to the second, from the application to the payment of the GHG premium to the car dealership’s account. Accounting also benefits from the digital process: no invoices have to be written. The credits, along with a detailed breakdown of the individual items, are automatically sent to the dealer’s mailbox, and the GHG bonus is simultaneously transferred to the car dealership’s desired account.

Heinz Sobieralski, member of the Premium Admissions Board, is convinced that by bundling competencies, the trade will receive considerable added value with positive effects right down to the service and sub-business. “The new one-click offer is not only interesting for car dealerships because the bonus that has to be applied for annually creates additional business, but also because it can be used as an effective customer loyalty tool,” says Sobieralski. The first dealers had already expressed their interest in using the new tool before it was launched on the market at the beginning of August.

On the initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry, owners of purely battery-powered vehicles have been able to have their CO2 savings certified as a greenhouse gas quota by service providers since the beginning of 2022 and sell them to mineral oil companies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two-wheelers, cars, commercial vehicles or buses. The revenue for the owner of an e-car: around 350 euros per year. Ecoturn Managing Director Schubert estimates that so far only every second e-vehicle owner uses the GHG quota.