KFZ-NRW and PremiumZulasser become partners

Association not only wants to use i-Kfz services for the benefit of its members.

Cologne/Hilden. The association of the motor vehicle trade NRW e.V. will cooperate with the Cologne cooperative PremiumZulasser eG (PZeG) in the future. Both organizations announced this today. The aim of the cooperation is to give the 6,600 motor vehicle companies in the North Rhine-Westphalian motor vehicle guilds access to the PZeG approval software premium-zulasser.online and to draw attention to other services offered by the Cologne cooperative members.

“We are very pleased about the trust that the North Rhine-Westphalia Association of the Automotive Industry places in our services,” says PZeG CEO Florian Cichon. Frank Mund, President of KFZ-NRW, adds: “We are convinced that our partnership is a further advance in the digitization of work processes in our companies and will thus lead to a noticeable relief in time-consuming and labour-intensive standard processes”.

Currently, 55 local and regional registration service providers have come together under the umbrella of PremiumZulasser eG, whose core business services are related to new registrations, transfers of ownership and the decommissioning of motor vehicles. Twelve of the 55 companies operate in North Rhine-Westphalia. In their day-to-day business, they use the forward-looking registration software premium-zulasser.online, as do around 5,000 car dealerships nationwide. This is an in-house development by PZeG, in whose implementation and updating the Cologne-based company has so far invested 1.5 million euros.

The tool is connected to the major customer interface of the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This enables its users to have secure, fast and inexpensive access to i-Kfz, the digital registration portal of the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport, with which all registration processes should be managed digitally from September 1st. “By networking our software with the major customer interface, time-consuming and costly investments in the operational IT infrastructure are no longer necessary for the user,” emphasizes Cichon. In addition, premium-zulasser.online is linked to numerous proven management systems used by the motor trade.